How to Attract Customers and Make Money with Boundless Leads

Case studies and some numbers of our last campaigns 

Customer #1. The Lead Generation For Heath Care Company

Company Overview: The Health care company, operating in the US, Utah. 

The goal of the company is to attract new customers, generate a solid client base and increase revenue. 

The problem: They tried to handle lead generation by themselves, then passed it to the marketing agency. The traditional model isn't working for them, that's why they were looking for a better option.

The solution: The company signed up with Boundless Leads, and we prepared the entire lead generation flow. They are amazed that we are not taking management and production fees for set up, copywriting, design and web development. We prepared a landing page, with outstanding copy and design, did QA tests. Prepare ads on FB. After 2 weeks we were ready to go. The results you can see on the screenshot.

Customer #2. Insurance Company

Company Overview: Insurance company, operating in the US, Alabama. 

The goal of the company is to attract new customers and increase revenue. 

The problem: They didn't do any lead generation campaign, so they hadn't any historical data and channel activity. 

The solution: We did extensive research, prepared an advertorial page. We set the ads live, people click on the ads, flow through the advertorial to the landing page and fill in the form. At this point, the person is a ‘lead’ and will be delivered right into company CRM.

Customer #3. Privet Medical Insurance

How we optimize ads and advertorial page to get the hottest leads

The problem: Doing lead generation should be the first of all proved by the quality. 

The solution:  That's why we are using all the possible technologies to qualify and segment leads. Based on the data that we are collecting, we are continuously optimizing our lead generation flow. That's why we went from 8% conversion rate to 20%

Customer #4. Personal Bankruptcy Attorney 

The company overview: Law firm operating in the US, Alabama

The goal: Reach more customers who need help in filling chapter 7 and 13

The problem: That's the first try working with PPL agency and yes, they are sceptical. 

The solution: Ice starts breaking when we had 1 onboarding call. Then we prepared all assets for the campaign launch, send them for review. After 15 days the leads started coming in. Starting from march, they asked us to stop the campaign, as the volumes are too high and they were unable to process that amount of leads. Now they are working on restructuring the company to hire more staff.

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